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You'd think I'd dislike summer holidays, but that's really not true. Oh, I like the school year best, of course-- and I miss going to class and working on assignments. But during the summer I can study on my own, and read up on next year's coursework so I'll be prepared for September. I'm going to start with Transfiguration and Herbology, I think, but I don't want to neglect the others.

And being at home and seeing my parents is lovely, of course. They're Muggles, so I can't send them owls when I'm at Hogwarts.


Apr. 10th, 2014 05:16 pm
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I really am starting to get worried about Harry.
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Oh, this is awful. If we just had remembered the cloak, everything would have been all right!

I'm not sure how much longer I can stand this.
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This timeline was made using the incredible help of the Harry Potter Lexicon. To leave way for any derailment that might end up happening, it's mostly just school events and other things that are unlikely to change.

Because she was dropped in April and picked back up in November, Hermione's timeline is going to be a little wonky for a while! Time is going to pass much slower for her world than it will for the community-- for instance, from her point of view just four days will pass between her finding DDD again and Norbert hatching, but for most of the rest of the comm eighteen days will pass. This slowdown will continue until OOC time matches up with IC time, at which point they'll synch back up.

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Character: Hermione Granger
Fandom: Harry Potter

Hermione was born on September 19, 1979 to two Muggle parents, both of whom were dentists. Rowling's said in interviews that they were "quite ordinary" compared to Hermione, and that even before she discovered that she was a witch they knew there was something different about her-- but that didn't make them any less loving towards or proud of their daughter, and she grew up in an encouraging, stable home environment. Though no specific incidents are mentioned, it's very likely that her magic began showing in little ways when she was young, though since she was Muggleborn there obviously wouldn't have been any explanation for it until she got her Hogwarts letter and found out about her powers.

Even before going off to Hogwarts, Hermione loved school and did very well in it. It's likely that, like at Hogwarts, she didn't have very many friends due to her bossy and somewhat overbearing personality-- indeed, she never talks about non-magic friends or acquaintances at all throughout the series. This combined with the fact that she didn't have any siblings means that she might have been a little lonely in her early years, though it's never indicated that she was at all an unhappy child.

In the summer of 1991, soon before her twelfth birthday, Hermione received a letter inviting her to begin schooling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was surprised, but ecstatic, and her parents in turn were also very happy for her. She began to learn all she could about magic and the magical world so that she would be well-prepared for school, and she even successfully practiced a few small spells on her own (something forbidden to underage wizards). By the time Hermione boarded the Hogwarts Express for her first year, she was far more knowledgeable about her upcoming coursework than most of the others her age-- even those who had grown up in magical homes-- and she quickly singled herself out as one of the best and brightest in her class.

Probably the first noticeable thing about Hermione is how sharp and intelligent she is-- and how bossy, nosy, and pompous she is, too. Though she doesn't really consider herself superior or better than everyone else, her know-it-all personality definitely makes it seem like she does sometimes, and many people resent her for it and write her off as annoying and arrogant. In addition, her bluntness and lack of tact sometimes cause her attempts to help people to backfire-- while she's far from completely clueless or socially awkward, helping others and giving advice isn't always as easy for her as she would like to be. Though outwardly she often appears extremely confident and doesn't seem to care about how others view her, it's clear that she really does at least a bit, as evidenced by how upset she gets when, towards the beginning of her first year at Hogwarts, she overhears Ron Weasley calling her a nightmare and saying it's no surprise that she doesn't have any friends.

Really, though, Hermione is a very good friend. She has a great deal of kindness and compassion in her heart, and she's unexpectedly brave, fiercely loyal, and somewhat of a champion of the underdog. In her very first scene, for example, she's helping Neville Longbottom (a rather pathetic-seeming, friendless boy himself) find his lost toad, and throughout the series she's shown time and time again to care about the well-being of the victimized and oppressed. While she'll tirelessly defend someone she believes is being unfairly treated, she has no qualms about being harsh and argumentative herself when she feels that it's deserved, even towards her friends. This doesn't change the fact that she cares about them nearly unconditionally and will do anything to help them if they're in danger, up to and including putting her own life at risk.

While she's very proud of her strengths, Hermione is hyper-aware of her weaknesses, and really quite harsh on herself. As Rowling says in an interview, Hermione secretly feels very insecure and inadequate, and so she overcompensates by trying to be the best at everything. Failure is one of her greatest fears in life, and when she does fail, she feels both completely humiliated and utterly ashamed of herself. While this does ebb a bit as she matures, it never completely goes away.

If I'm accepted, I'm going to pick her up from the same canonpoint that I was at when I dropped her back in 2012-- that is, in the spring of her first year at Hogwarts. Since I dropped her in April and it's now November, that'll throw her off a little time-wise; I plan on slowing down the time on her world (like how our Homestuck cast of yesteryear did, only not nearly as drastically) until the real world time catches up.

Since her history and personality are still generally the same (she hasn't yet hit any of the huge canon events that would be absolutely necessary to add to the history), I'm just re-using the app I wrote when I first applied for her back in 2010. If you want any expansions or new samples, I'll of course give them!

Additional Links:
Wikipedia's entry on Harry Potter
Wikipedia's entry on Hermione
The Harry Potter wiki's entry on Hermione
The Harry Potter Lexicon's entry on Hermione

First Person:
Coursework at Hogwarts is ten times heavier than it ever was back at home. At my old school I always felt that we could have handled much more than the teachers ever gave us; the other students would have throttled me for saying so, but it really was true. I did all the extra credit work they ever assigned and I still had loads of time to read ahead and do all the parts of exercise books that they skipped over; I do the same things here, of course, but it's more of a challenge. Last night I was up past eleven finishing some research for next week's Herbology!

I absolutely love it.

Third Person:
The library, Hermione felt, was a sacred, special place-- for reading, writing, and studying, not for giggling and whispering like those girls at the next table over were doing. Shooting them a few dark looks had done absolutely nothing: they'd glanced back at her, given each other looks, and then dissolved into laughter once again.

Honestly. Her fellow first years were so immature.

"Excuse me," she finally said hotly, after it had become clear that pointed looks were getting her nowhere. "This is a library. Just because we're in a corner where Madam Pince rarely looks doesn't mean you have any right to disturb--"

"Okay, okay..." one of the giggling girls interrupted. "We'll just leave, then." They got up, giving each other exaggerated eye-rolls that Hermione knew she was meant to notice-- and when they passed her table, one of them chucked a wadded up piece of paper onto her book pile.

Walking over to throw the paper in the bin, Hermione did her best to ignore their annoyed looks. It didn't matter what they thought of her, she told herself-- they were vapid and irritating, and the last sort of people that she was interested in impressing or ingratiating herself to.

Sitting back down, Hermione opened up yet another Transfiguration book. The fact that she had overheard one of those girls calling her a twit shouldn't matter, really. She could sit and dwell on it, or she could move on and get to work on preparing for her exam tomorrow. She couldn't wait to hear the pride in Professor McGonagall's when she announced that her own house's Hermione Granger had gotten yet another perfect score. Fifty points for Gryffindor!

The corner of her mouth twitched upwards slightly, that thought cheering her up. In just a few more minutes, the rude girls were completely forgotten.


Apr. 28th, 2012 01:24 pm
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Anon commenting is ON, and I'm not going to take your crit any less seriously if you decide to take advantage of this (or if you're just a lurker or something)- unless, of course, your purpose for remaining anonymous is to simply bash and offer no advice on how to improve. Concrit isn't trolling in my mind; "LOL GTFO U SUXX0R" is.
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